Every project starts off with an informal consultation. The principal, Marsha Scully, meets with the prospective client at the proposed site and discusses the clients’ ideas, site, budget and schedule. Next a current project portfolio, typical working drawings, interior packages and specification binder will be presented. If there seems to be a good fit, a fee proposal that includes a timeline, budget and scope of work will be prepared. Prior to the next meeting, we encourage all clients to tour previous projects and will gladly make arrangements.

Engagement/Initial Phase

Once the agreement is presented and executed, principal and client begin discussing and documenting all the specific components of the project that define the clients’ needs & objectives: style, function, size and relationship between spaces, and various other considerations. Site analysis is another important element for our design so we will take into consideration factors such as existing views, light and shadow patterns, land slope, water run-off, and neighborhood conditions. We will also perform a Code Analysis and establish your specific city zoning guidelines, planning and building codes, homeowner rules and regulations, and environmental restrictions. Finally, we will schedule an appointment to take measurements and photos of the site.

Initial Concept & Design

This step involves determining the clients' wishes and needs with the existing site constraints. Conceptual brainstorming and the outcome of the Code Analysis will be evaluated so a cohesive design may be implemented in the preliminary design sketches of the site plan (building location on site) and floor plans (layout). Consultants will be engaged throughout this process to provide the needed analysis and information required to proceed in the design process. In addition, an experienced local General Contractor is recruited on an hourly basis to present preliminary budgets for the 3 phases of the project.

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