Marsha Scully, founder and principal of MSA, started a small boutique design firm in 1975 focusing primarily on kitchen design. She has since transformed the design firm into a technologically advanced full service design firm. For more than 30 years Marsha Scully has designed and created hundreds of high end residential projects in addition to a recording studio, sound stage, restaurant and several mixed use retail/office and adaptive reuse projects.

Marsha Scully’s studies at the University of Southern California’s renown Architecture School provided her with a strong technical background as well as an in depth knowledge of period architecture. Marsha’s educational background and creative abilities has become a cornerstone of MSA’s various designs, site planning, owner representation, and project management and construction services.

Through decades of experience, MSA has formed excellent relationships with local planning and building departments, engineers, contractors, interior designers and landscape architects ensuring the success and viability of all projects.


MSA’s design approach embodies the powerful interrelationship between the form of space, the nature of materials and the quality of light in order to create an organic yet highly refined design. The firms stylized and organic architectural forms range from traditional rustic provincial, incorporating ornate details & materials, to more urbane forms, utilizing vertical and horizontal axis’ to emphasize the natural light and outdoor environment. At MSA, we embrace both invention and convention recognizing the boundaries of each project while creating a truly distinctive and functional form of architecture.

Marsha S. Scully and her design team work with each and every client to ensure that not only the design criterion is met but also the budget and timing constraints are achieved. The firm prides itself on being extremely innovative and highly responsive during the creative process to develop a project that reflects the client’s unique style and requirements. MSA realizes that the synergy between client and architect is crucial so we take a collaborative approach throughout the design and production process to ensure the clients dream becomes reality. The ultimate goal of this process is to develop a project which stands the test of time whether it be cutting edge California Modern or a design rooted in the traditional aspects of architecture.


Thoughtful Design and Creative Solutions is the driving force behind our successful and distinctive architectural projects. Critical thinking married with a compelling sense of place, style and comfort create projects with the personality of the client. Our light filled buildings which focus on garden view corridors are seamless with the Southern California lifestyle. The team’s hands-on involvement gives rise to highly innovative projects that incorporate the highest quality materials while meeting the projects budget and time constraints.

Our knowledge of current methods of construction is a critical component to creating working drawings and specifications which can be built. We utilize state of the art technology including CAD & 3D modeling to produce graphically clear details and plans that are praised by both builders and clients alike. We are striving for a better understanding of water intrusion issues which cause mold and with the assistance of our specialists and builders; we have developed new criteria for design and details. We have been incorporating Green design concepts into our drawings for years in order to do our part to meet the goals of the new century. Our design team and that of our engineers, builders, and interior and landscape designers will provide the information required for a client to conduct a complete analysis of the project.

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